Lady Conny Sharples

Cosmetic Chemist, Formulator, Perfumer & Founder of Barony Beauty

The early days ..

My passion from an early age has always been fragrance and make-up. I used to sneak into my mothers bedroom and on her dressing table was this beautiful perfume named Shalimar. It was made of the highest concentration of perfume oils and was very expensive. I always put a couple of drops on my wrist and the scent would stay with me all day. Yes my mother noticed and said "Make sure you leave me some, it's expensive". When she passed, she left me a nice collection of her favourite perfume in several bottles that she had been gifted throughout the years, some dating back as far as 1952 and up to 1981.

The start of something beautiful

Besides my love for perfume, I became very conscious about the ingredients in my cosmetic products. I often didn't like what I saw on the labels. For example: Polyethylene in Lipsticks. Why do microplastics need to be in lipstick formulas of major brands these days? There is absolute no need for this to be included in a lipstick formula.

It is also very hard to find even one designer fragrance these days, that has not been tested on animals. Check here: Is your cosmetic tested on animals?

This lead me to start official training to become a cosmetic formulator and after passing this with flying colours, I went on to study for my Diploma to become a Cosmetic Chemist.

Barony Beauty was born..

I then began training for my Diploma in the art of Perfume Creation and qualified with a distinction. I went on to create 52 fragrances to date and also created a perfume with one of the oldest French Perfume Houses, founded in 1747 in Grasse - France (The Perfume capital of the world).

The quality ingredients required to manufacture our Parfum Elixir's are also sourced in Grasse France, then formulated and finished in the UK.

I equally care about you the customer and the quality of ingredients that go into our products. Only premium vegan ingredients make it into our product formulations.

I hope you will love the products as much as I do creating them.

Lots of love, Conny Sharples - Baroness of Entwistle.

Barony Beauty

We at Barony Beauty love animals, therefore all our products are 100% Cruelty Free, Vegan & PETA Approved.

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The ingredients

The Perfumers organ. Perfumer ingredients that allowed me to create 53 fragrances, with more to come.

My Formula

My formula is forever recorded with this French perfume house. (The formula number is not visible here)

barony beauty packaging

OUR PACKAGING: Our product packaging is made from recyclable or re-usable materials, such as card board boxes, glass jars, aluminium lids, glass perfume bottles and glass sample perfume vials. Our makeup and whipped soap products are packaged in re-usable and fully recyclable P.E.T. jars. We will always use glass packaging as much as we can, as long it's safe for the purpose. For products such as bath-bombs, we use biodegradable packaging.

About Barony Beauty

The name Barony Beauty originates from our titles 'The Barony of Entwistle'.

Barony Beauty is Family owned

We are Baron & Baroness of Entwistle (Hereditary Peers) Because our title of Nobility is hereditary, we are not part of the British political system and we do not sit in the House of Lords.

(We also hold legal rights to the Lordship of Entwistle title, however we do not use or have this particular title recorded in our passports.)

Our passport entry's

The only reason why this photo is included here, because some people question us about it via social media. We simply don't have the time to justify ourselves every-time someone asks. So here is the answer to your question. Yes, real titles do get recorded on passports and require approval of a Monarch or the Lord Lyon King of Arms.

Actress Producer Director

I have worked with Daniel Craig in SPECTRE. With Tom Cruise on TOP GUN MAVERICK & MISSION IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT. With Michael Weston in HOUDINI & DOYLE (2 episodes) With Colin Baker in LAST MAN ON EARTH and With James Franco on YOSEMITE.

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